Old Miami, 1787–1885

Inventing College Life
1787 ~ July 13, Northwest Ordinance passed by Continental Congress
September 17, United States Constitution written; ratified 1788
1794 ~ September 30, President George Washington signs patent for Symmes Purchase
1795 ~ August 3, Miami Tribe signs Treaty of Greenville
1803 ~ September 1, commissioners of the legislature locate the Miami College township on public lands in the Cincinnati district
1809 ~ February 17, the Miami University chartered by State of Ohio
1810 ~ Village of Oxford laid out in the college township; Miami University campus surveyed
1811 ~ Log schoolhouse erected on University Square to serve Oxford Township
1816 ~ Construction of first classroom building, Franklin Hall (later part of Old Main), begun
1822 ~ Proposed relocation of Miami University to Cincinnati defeated in legislature
1824 ~ President Robert Hamilton Bishop inaugurated; classes begin
1825 ~ Erodelphian Literary Society and Union Literary Society organized
1828 ~ First residence hall, North Hall (later Elliott Hall), constructed
1835 ~ Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity established
1836 ~ William Holmes McGuffey publishes his first Eclectic Reader
Second residence hall, South Hall (later Stoddard Hall), constructed
1838 ~ Oxford Theological Seminary established
1839 ~ Alpha chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity founded
1841 ~ President George Junkin inaugurated
1842 ~ President Junkin issues Laws of Miami University for Government of the Faculty and Students
1844 ~ President Junkin resigns following student disruptions
1845 ~ President Erasmus D. MacMaster inaugurated
1846 ~ Conflict among literary societies, board, and faculty
Miami Tribe removed from traditional lands to western territories
1848 ~ January 12, Old Main sealed with snow, seventeen students dismissed or depart
December 27, Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta fraternity founded
1849 ~ President MacMaster resigns
President William C. Anderson inaugurated; joins Phi Delta Theta fraternity
Oxford Female Institute (later Oxford College) chartered; John W. Scott, principal
1852 ~ Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity established
1853 ~ Western Female Seminary (later Western College) chartered; Helen Peabody, principal
1854 ~ Oxford Female College chartered; John W. Scott, principal
President John W. Hall inaugurated
1855 ~ Alpha chapter of Sigma Chi fraternity founded
1859 ~ Junction Railroad reaches Oxford
1861 ~ April 12, American Civil War begins
Ozro Dodds, student, and Professor Robert W. McFarland form volunteer companies for Union
1866 ~ President Robert L. Stanton inaugurated; seeks new funding sources for Miami
1871 ~ Andrew D. Hepburn named president
1873 ~ National financial panic, low enrollment, no endowment; trustees suspend operation
1873–1885 ~ Miami Classical School and Miami Classical and Scientific Training School operate on campus
1885 ~ President Robert W. McFarland takes office; Miami reopens classes