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OhioMHAS Bureau of Prevention
Prevention aims to reduce underlying risk factors that increase the likelihood of mental, emotional and behavioral health disorders. OhioMHAS focuses on reducing the likelihood of, delaying the onset of, slowing the progression of, or decreasing the severity of these illnesses. One way that this is accomplished is by promoting the protective factors that guard against alcoholism, addiction, problem gambling, mental illness and the risk of suicide. Our work is grounded in the public health model, which focuses on improving the well-being of populations by engaging the entire community. Sharing resources and consistent messaging across the state promotes a safe, healthy and drug-free environment in Ohio.

The OhioMHAS Bureau of Prevention supports community coalitions, which are the single most effective means of promoting grassroots alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention across disciplines at the local level. Effective coalitions involve all segments of a community working together to establish new or build on existing efforts to promote health and wellness. The work also creates local champions who can help to embed these public health messages more deeply into their community.